#BrownEmergencyHealthTip from Dr. Rybasack: Poison Ivy

Outdoor activities are more popular than ever! Poison ivy is a commonly encountered plant that can lead to an itchy, unpleasant rash. Here’s some tips to beat poison ivy:

-Know how to recognize poison ivy! Prevention is key. Websites can help you learn to ID and avoid poison ivy.

-If you are exposed, immediately wash with warm water and dish soap to remove the oils that cause the rash. Place clothing/gloves in a hot water laundry cycle. Beware- dog and cat fur can transfer oils as well!

-For mild rash, use cool compresses, anti-itch lotion or gel and over the counter allergy medication

-For very itchy rash, an over the counter steroid cream can be very helpful

-If your rash is very widespread, very itchy, or involves your face/eyes/hands, you likely need to see a doctor for further treatment.

If you notice trouble breathing, vomiting, throat tightness, lip or tongue swelling, skin peeling, fever, or if you develop a widespread rash, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

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