#BrownEmergencyHealthTip from Dr. Rybasack:

Minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions are common this time of year. Most can be safety an effectively treated at home. Here’s a few tips:

-Wash as soon as possible with clean, clear water and mild soap. If you are outdoors, a lake or stream clean enough to swim in will do in a pinch.

-Avoid harsh chemicals like peroxide or alcohol- these will hurt more and actually do more damage to your uninjured skin cells, delaying healing.

-Cover with a layer of antibiotic ointment if desired but antibiotics are not mandatory. You can also use a thick layer of Vaseline to prevent a dressing from sticking.

-Keep covered with ointment and a dressing until the skin is healed, or at least scabbed over. Emollients like Vaseline keep wounds moist without being wet and will speed the healing process.

-If you notice the cut is deep or gaping you may need stitches- contact a medial professional.

If you notice swelling, worsening redness, drainage, or if the wound becomes more painful, you may have an infection- seek medical care.

ere’s a few tips:

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