A #BrownEMHealthTip from Alison Hayward, MD @alisonation

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and tasty food - avoid these holiday related injuries with a few simple preventative tips!

- Knife injuries are common on Thanksgiving. Always cut on a stable surface, cut away from your body, keep your fingertips away from the blade. You can curl your fingertips under and stabilize the item you're cutting with a semi-fist.

- Mandoline slicers are particularly dangerous and can lead to fingertip amputations or slice wounds that are hard to stop from bleeding. ALWAYS use the safety guard/food holder when slicing with a mandoline, or consider cut resistant gloves.

- If you are eating with a young child or older adult with cognitive impairment, please be sure their food is cut into pieces that can be safely swallowed. Swallowing too large a bite can lead to life threatening choking episodes.

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