How to schedule

  • Select “make and appointment” on this web page. You will be directed to a scheduling page.

  • When registering for a TeleCARE visit, you will be asked for your child’s or your contact, insurance and pharmacy information, and whether  a language interpreter is needed for the visit,

  • You will follow steps to check the connection to your device that will be used for the visit and you will receive an appointment confirmation

  • Once your child’s or your appointment is scheduled, the person who is the documented contact will receive an email confirming the time and inviting them to register the patient for the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal. If your child is < 16 years of age you will register for the portal as your child’s “proxy” and will be the contact. Once a patient is 16 years or older a proxy is not required. The web based eClinicalWorks Patient Portal is where all discharge paperwork and test results will be located after a visit.

Dr. Merritt a Brown Emergency Medicine TeleCare physicians providing pediatric urgent telemedicine.
  • ​​When it is time to enter the TeleCARE visit you will receive a text from your Brown EM physician inviting you and your child if they are < 16 years, or you if you are 16 years or older, to join the visit by smartphone or computer.

  • During the visit your physician will confirm your contact information in case you are disconnected or there is an emergency. They will also instruct you how to proceed to complete a successful visit.

  • After your child’s or your TeleCARE visit, you will receive an email or text message or call when results are published to the patient portal for your review.